🎄The Flourish Box🎄

The luxurious, physician curated, self-care box is filled with black-owned products that will help single take off their superwoman cape, recharge, relax and flourish.

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Let’s get real here...being a single mom is HARD!

And while motherhood is so rewarding, it comes with its fair share of sacrifices, especially when you’re doing it alone.  

Are you a single mom? Let me guess, your days go a little something like this...early mornings, school drop-offs and pick-ups, work, after-school activities, dinner, clean, prep for next day… repeat…

Before you know it, it’s 11 pm before you finally catch a break and take a moment to just breathe. Does that sound about right? I understand... because I've been there myself!

There are times when I want to sleep my whole weekend away but I know I have to be available for my kid and it leaves me feeling guilty, sad, and lonely.

..The worst part is when you try to carve out time for yourself, you always find your things-to-do list growing and end up putting everyone else first.

You’re tired and overwhelmed. 

You’re pulling from an empty cup.

Well… good news! Things are about to change for you.

I need this BOX!

Moms, You Deserve To Feel Special!

How would you feel if you could...

  • Have a moment to breathe and experience relaxation without the mom guilt
  • Simply focus on you for a change
  • Refill your cup 

You no longer have to keep putting yourself last.

Here’s how you can now have a moment of paradise and

flourish as a single mom.

🎄The Flourish Box🎄

The physician curated, self-care box that will
help single moms breathe, relax, and flourish without guilt.

Gorgeous Rx Rose Jasmine Body Scrub (2oz)  Retail Price $19.99

Melt all your worries away with this salt scrub with fine granules of Pink Himalayan salt saturated with natural oils and the light scent of Rose Jasmine. After rubbing the salt into clean, wet skin, you will experience soft and highly moisturized areas.  Excellent for dry skin in areas such as the back, arms, legs, and feet, leaving skin feeling moisturized and soft.

Gorgeous Rx Hydrating Renewal Moisturizer (12 oz)  Retail Price $79.99

This hydration miracle is dually formulated with natural extracts that down-regulate inflammation enzymes to soothe the skin, remove irritation, and reduce redness, while also repairing the skin's barrier function to increase hydration. You can expect a 150% increase in moisturization after 24 hours.

Gorgeous Rx Brilliant C Plus (10mL)  Retail Price $24.99

Feel better as soon as this rejuvenating moisturizer touches your skin. The powerhouse combination of Vitamin C and E with Retinol’s age-defying properties dramatically reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and deep creases, as well as brightens the skin.  Also contains a blend of active ingredients to reduce sensitivity in the skin, increase moisture levels, and protect against environmental damage. 

Essential Oil Bracelet  Retail Price $29.99

This gorgeous bracelet with lava beads is multifunctional. Not only will it dress up any outfit but simply infuse the bracelet with the specially blended, stress-relieving oil provided and watch your worries melt away. A small bottle is included for repeat application.

Handmade Scented Body Oil (10 ml)  Retail Price $9.99

Bathe your skin in luxury with this 100% pure uncut oil. Designed for all skin types, this natural oil will have you smelling amazing without irritation.

Release Your RoyalTEA  Retail Price $19.99

Talk about melting all of the stress away! Allow the flavor and rich hue of this blend to make you feel like ROYALTY! Anchored by purple leaf tea, grown only in the Kenyan mountains containing more antioxidants than green tea, and smoothed out with wild-crafted blueberries, this premium blend energizes you while still feeling calm. Ashwagandha is the great stabilizer in this blend giving you endurance for both professional and personal activities.

Momentum Intimacy Momentum Lube 8oz  Retail Price $4.99

Sometimes single moms just want to have fun. Keep the passion in all of your play with physician-created Momentum Intimacy lubricant. Make things frictionless between you and your partner, or between you and your favorite toy, or even your fingers. Momentum silicone-based lubricant gives you that silky-smooth feel to keep your momentum going as long as you want it to last.

Plus, if you order now, you’ll receive

The #1 Best-Selling Book, Be Irie 

Retail Price $24.99

As single moms, we have to make sure that we are healthy because our children depend on us! This book “offers tangible examples of how healthy living doesn’t actually require excessive amounts of time or effort, but rather a positive mindset and the adoption of habits that nourish body and soul. With the right discipline, and a commitment to integrating small, yet impactful changes in one’s daily routine, better health is within everyone’s reach.”

Self-Care Guide for Single Moms

Retail Price 9.99

This guide is perfect for single moms and brimming with self-care ideas designed to help you breathe, relax, and flourish. 

Total Retail Price $225

*Because we LOVE our MOM's, we took an additional 40% off
FINAL SALE: $135.00 + Free Shipping

This Box is Perfect For the Single Mom That…

  • Works hard
  • Selflessly takes care of everyone else before she takes care of herself
  • Is tired, stressed, and overwhelmed
  • Wants to feel special
  • Needs a moment of self-care

This Box is Not For a Single Mom That…

  • Has it all together
  • Has plenty of time to pamper themselves
  • Doesn’t enjoy being showered with love

Hi! I’m Dr. Kelenne V. Tuitt aka "Your Caribbean Doctor"! I am a Board-Certified Family Medicine Physician, Amazon Best Selling author of “Be Irie: A Caribbean Handbook to Develop Healthy Habits”, creator of Irie Vitamins a Natural Nutritional Supplement line, and proud single mom. I help busy single mothers go from surviving to thriving by improving their productivity through my Pivotal Lifestyle Coaching Program!

I am passionate about helping single moms to be healthy and whole. After-all your health is your wealth. Your health does not only come from diet and exercise, it start's with a positive mindset, having time for creativity, and self-care. Loving yourself unconditionally, flaws and all, is the first step to having a pivotal lifestyle and flourishing.


When will my box ship?

Orders will be shipped out the next business day. Orders are mailed through USPS via Priority Mail from South Carolina.

What is your return policy?

All sales are final due to COVID-19.

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

Please e-mail us at Hello@MyCaribbeanDoctor.com with any questions.

Are you ready to finally put YOU first with 

The Flourish Box?

You will get everything you need to indulge and pamper yourself, wipe away
stress and overwhelm, and take care of yourself so you can flourish.

As a reminder, deserving single moms will enjoy the following:

  • Rose Jasmine Body Scrub 
  • Hydrating Renewal Moisturizer
  • Essential Oil Bracelet
  • Handmade Scented Body Oil
  • Momentum Lube 
  • Release Your RoyalTEA
  • Brilliant C Plus

Plus, if you order now you’ll receive...

  • The Best-Selling ‘Be Irie’ Book
  • Self-Care Guide for Single Moms

I warmly welcome you to get the 
Flourish Box and transform a single mom's life today!